Simpler Way To Create Reports and Presentations Using O365 Products

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I'm looking for an easier way to create an on-screen presentation for our clients and give them a hard copy to take home with them.


I own a residential remodeling company and for every client, we perform a Feasibility Study which consists of research to determine any potential issues that may impact their project before we start a design.  The final documents consist of data from different types of sources such as PDF's, Word Documents, images, web screen shots, and calculations from an Excel spreadsheet.  We then package all of this up into a PDF document to print as a hard copy for the client, as well as create a PowerPoint with the information for a presentation.


Our Current Process

Our current process is to create all of this information and place it in a folder in its native formation (pdf, doc, jpg, etc.)  My admin then converts all of these to a PDF to have printed, THEN converts all of these pages to .jpg and manually inserts them into a PowerPoint template that we use.


The process of converting everything and duplicating it in a PowerPoint takes up LOT of time and is extremely inefficient.


I've attached a copy of hard copy of a report, which we then manually placed into PowerPoint.



Does anybody have any suggestions on creating a presentation as well as a hard copy in a much simpler fashion?  Ideally creating everything in one step.  I'm open to using other apps as well.


Thank you.

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