Show/Pin shared folders from a group into another group in Sharepoint

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License: Microsoft Business 365 Basic & Standard

Concern: File/Folder Sharing in Sharepoint Site


Is it possible to pin a shared file/folder into a (shared) Sharepoint site?


Hi everyone! Our setup is each division are grouped with associated Teams and Sharepoint site. Let's say we have Group1 (Accounting), Group 2 (Laboratory), and Group 3 (Organization's General Site). Assuming we have the following site folder structure for each:

Group1 ( General, Vouchers, Receipts

Group 2 ( General, Test Results, Calibration

Group 3 ( General


If  group 1 and 2 shared their folders (Voucher, Calibration) into group 3 using the group email, can those folders be pinned/displayed in the Group3 Sharepoint site documents?

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