Shorten meetings PowerShell command doesn't work...

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On our company Office 365 tenant, i am trying to shorten all our meetings by 5-10 minutes based on length using the available PowerShell command:


Set-OrganizationConfig -ShortenEventScopeDefault 1 -DefaultMinutesToReduceLongEventsBy 10 -DefaultMinutesToReduceShortEventsBy 5


I've checked that the settings have been saved to the Organization config:


I've read that it takes up to 24 hours to take effect, but it has now been over 70 hours and meetings are not being shorted when the users make new meetings in Outlook.

Anyone know if i am doing something wrong with the PowerShell command?.

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Did you ever find an answer?
Looks like this still doesn't work. Someone having any valid input?

I'v tried thru PowerShell-Script, ConfigProfiles and Office App Policies and the setting gets updated on the client computer, but even so, the meeting setting in outlook remains unchecked.


I have the same problem, anyone that knows a answer to this problem?

My understanding is that Set-OrganizationConfig only affects new users.
For existing users, you may enforce with
Get-MailBox | Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration -ShortenEventScopeDefault 1

If you don't have E3 licences, neither nor intune policies / GPOs will enable you to fully enforce it (prevent users from changing the value)


did you try to define your ShortenEventScopeDefault parameter?