Shortcuts in SharePoint

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I'm trying to make a file that acts as a shortcut to another file in a SharePoint document library on both the web version and the file explorer.


I have tried the following:


LNK Files

I can create a Windows shortcut (LNK file) in the synced folder (in my file explorer), but it does not work for the web version nor other people’s computers (the path is different).


URL Files

I have tried to make a URL file (**New** > **Link**). It works in the web version, but not quite well in the file explorer. For example, when I click on a link to a Word document in the file explorer, the file opens in the web version of Word (on SharePoint) instead of the local program.


ASPX "Link to a Document"

I have tried the “Link to a Document” content type (, but it only works in the web version.



Is there a solution that will work for both the web version and the file explorer?

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