Sharing common files across departments in SharePoint Online

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Hi All,


I am working a project where want to store files for different departments such as Admin, Finance, IT,  HelpDesk etc.

Some files are common across by different departments such as Polices are shared by Admin, Finance and Support cases by IT and HelpDesk departments.

Each department have different access rights.  


  1. Used Traditional Site Architecture
    01 Tratiional.png
    Tried to created document libraries for each department such as Polices, Support but it creating duplication as polices and support should be placed in one location only and defies the purpose. The departments out-rightly rejected this site structure

  2. Created Hub-Site Architecture.

    02 Hib Sie.png

    Created Hub Sites and joined 4 sites. This is much easier for departments and they liked the modern team sites.

    How can share common files and document libraries such as Polices and Support as each site has its own and separate Office 365 groups?

    Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.   
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Create a separate library in those departments , and alter the permissions to add additional departments! Name it appropriately

@adam deltinger 


thanks for that lightening fast reply..

Whats about using quick links for those departments? in that case, they can still access common document libraries? any recommendation on that please?    

Keep it simple. Create a document library at the site level called Policies, give everyone read only access. Embed quick links web part and add frequently visited policies for easy access on each of the department sites. @Aroh Shukla 

@Paras Dodhia and @adam deltinger 


thanks a ton for your replies. 


03 New.png


  • added a new SharePoint Site called Common I will assign appropriate permissions to users. Polices and Support will be a document library. 
  • For Admin and Finance  sites and IT & Heskdesk sites, I will provision Quick Links for easy access to users. 


Is this structure looks good? 

@adam deltinger  and @Paras Dodhia  


does above structure looks feasible? Any recommendations please.