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I have several calendar lists on a team SharePoint site and wanted to display them using the Event Web Part on the Homepage. I created one Event Web and it worked fine with one of the calendars. I created a second one (I wanted the events to be viewed separately) and it fails to recognize events in three of the Calendars. The other two work fine, but not the one I need. All of the settings for the calendars are identical and I have repeated the error using other browsers on other networks and other computers.


What am I doing wrong?

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I've tried, but I can't reproduce this.

I assume that in the 'Birthdays and Anniversaries' calendar, there are items in that selected date range? (Oct 26th - Nov 25th)?

Also (and I've not tested this - literally just thinking about it) - does that calendar have content approval enabled? (I'm wondering if the Events webpart only displays approved items)

There are items in the range and I currently do not have content approval turned on, but was going to apply it later to one of the working calendars (for time off requests).


I wouldn't be surprised if  the event viewer only displays approved items.


I'm close to deleting the calendars and recreating them with the same name. Luckily I use a flow to populate them, so I can rerun the flow after recreating and it should have minimal impact.


I'll post the result of recreating later today.

I deleted the Calendar and recreated it, but the events are still not appearing in the Event Web Part. I also removed and re-added the Web Part with the same results. At this point I am going to simply remove the Web Part and try to find another solution.

if you manually add items to the calendar - do they appear on the web part? (I can't see how adding the items via Flow would make a difference, but you never know...)

They Do.

And if I edit an event it appears on the Event.


It seems like the Event Web Part ignores events that are created by Flow. I do not know what the difference is, but that seems to have made an impact.


I'm testing another theory and will post shortly.

I tried changing the times of the automated events from midnight to 1 am to see if that helped, but with no change.


Once I manually change the event in any way it appears on the Event part.

Do the automated events span multiple days? If so, try one that doesn't.

No they are all single events. I learned the recurrence and multi day problem the hard way.

I added an Update Item to the end of my flow to see if simply editing it made the fix, but with no luck. It seems I have to manually update/create an entry for it to appear on the Event Web Part.

What's the created by or modified by when you create an event from Flow? Can this be related to created by or modified by fields? Once you edit them with your id, it shows because its modified by your id. Just a thought.

What I find very strange is that I have another calendar using a similar flow to create events. They have the same calendar settings and the events are create in the same method, but those events appear on the Event Web Part.


Some of them are single day and others are multi-day (no repetitions) and they function without issues and without manually editing.

From what I have seen the created by/ modified by fields are connected to the account used to create the flow.


They always show my name.

I found that I don't have to edit an item. If I simply open the item and then close it, it will appear on the Web Event part. This seems to confirm that there are no settings that I can edit affecting whether they appear.

It seems that SP cannot see events created by flow until they are accessed manually by a user.
That sounds like it would be worth raising a ticket with support.
I'm actually not sure how to do that. I have an enterprise account and it says I have to do an internal request first.... guess that's step 1
In the admin portal, go to support tab on the left menu and create a ticket from there
Sadly I'm not a admin. I am going to bug my company admins to submit for me.
Did you manage to solve this. I have the exact same scenario going from a logic app. where i've tried with both the create item action and the send http request action


I am experiencing the same issue with Flow. I have to edit the event from the UI before it shows up in the Events web part. 

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I found out that the Events web part requires the field "All Day Event" to have a value, either true or false to show the event (it is blank when we initially create the event). To update this field in Flow after creating the event, we need to use REST API using the "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" action. Once you assign a value to the field, the event will show up in the Events web part. Please reference the below link (Mark Invites as Full Day Event section) for the steps to set the "All Day Event" field in Flow.




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