SharePoint Designer Workflow errors when publishing to SharePoint Online

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Hello All - I am getting an error when publishing a 2010 platform workflow to SharePoint Online.  It is happening across multiple site collections and workflows, I've tried a few different sites to validate.  Wondering if anyone has run into this recently, if it's a known issue, etc.  I have cleared SPD cache but  not much else at this point.

A screen shot of the error is attached.  Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

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Is SharePoint Designer properly updated to SP1? By the way, try to publish from a clean machine where you have a fresh install of SPD 2013

@Christopher L Pecoraro there is a current issue with 2010 workflows and SPO

Service degradation
User impact:
Users are unable to edit workflows or create new workflows in SharePoint 2010 using Designer and other protocols.
Latest message:
Title: Unable to edit existing workflows or create new workflows
User Impact: Users are unable to edit workflows or create new workflows in SharePoint 2010 using Designer and other protocols.
More info: Users may receive the error: "Unexpected error on server associating the workflow," and "Errors were found when compiling the workflow. The Workflow files were saved but cannot run." As a result of this problem, you may be unable to execute the following tasks:
- Activating features that contain out-of-the-box or custom 2010 workflows
- Provisioning out-of-the-box or custom site templates that contain 2010 workflows
Additionally, attempting to edit existing workflows may cause those workflows to become dissociated with their SharePoint list. We've developed a fix for this issue and are preparing to apply it across the affected environment. Affected customers are encouraged to refrain from attempting to edit existing workflows until our fix is deployed.
Current status: We've sufficiently tested the viability of the .net fix and have begun to prepare the fix for deployment. We estimate that this fix will be fully deployed by Saturday, March 23, 2019. In an effort to implement some relief in the environment, we've initiated the deployment of two supplementary changes: 1). The first change will allow out-of-the-box workflows without any customization to begin working as expected. 2). The second change will allow site collections with out-of-the-box workflows to provision as expected. These supplementary fixes should complete their rollout by the middle to end of next week. Scope of impact: Impact is specific to SharePoint 2010 workflows. Any user attempting to edit existing workflows or create new workflows may be affected by this event. Estimated time to resolve: Based on current deployment progress, we expect this problem to be resolved by Saturday, March 23, 2019. Next update by: Monday, March 18, 2019, at 8:00 PM UTC

Thank you for the info Robin, much appreciated.  Have a nice day.

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thanks Juan, this is definitely something I will check if I continue to have issues after the Saturday deployment if it goes as expected. 

@Robin Nilsson 

Any news? has the problem been solved and how to get it to work on our side

The message disappeared from our service health alerts.

Final status: Our internal tests have confirmed that SharePoint 2010 workflows have been unblocked on the approximately 99 percent of affected infrastructure that has received the fix. We'll continue applying the fix on the remaining impacted infrastructure and those customers that remain impacted by this event can continue to view updates on this process through the communication SP176418.

I didn't have any active workflows that I could go check, but I created a new SP2010 workflow on a list and it created it without errors. So we're fixed it seems. If you have workflows that have detached from your lists I'm not sure how to fix that part, but if they still show up on the list you should be able to just publish again.

@Robin Nilsson 

Still getting the error, do we need to do anything on server or re-installing SharePoint Designer?

any suggestions?

We had a major release in our company for a specific Site that is used for Document handling one of the things we did was re-braning all emailS/notification that goes out from the workflows, all 2013 workflows has been updated but I am not touching the Feedback until I get it to work in our test environment - which still is not working.