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I have created shared mailboxes (Office 365 E3) and assigned users. However, these mailboxes do not show up in either OWA nor Outlook 2016. You used to be able to open them "manually" but I don't see how to do that. What am I missing? Shouldn't this just work? Or isn't there a way to access them (if the use had permissions) manually such as 'Open'?

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Hi Mark,


In OWA you have to open Manualy.

Open another person’s mailbox in a separate browser window in Outlook Web App
If you do not want to add the other person’s mailbox to your folder list in Outlook Web App, you can open the other person’s mailbox in a separate browser window.
Log in to your mailbox using Outlook Web App.
In the Navigation bar on the top of the Outlook Web App screen, click on your name. A drop-down list will appear. Click Open another mailbox.


In Outlook 2016:

Note:  If your admin only recently provided you access to a shared mailbox, it may take a short time before the shared mailbox will automatically appear in your Outlook profile. If the shared mailbox doesn't automatically appear, you might need to restart Outlook to see it.

If it's still not working check the autodiscover XML file for the user (you can fetch the response via Outlook's Test E-mail autocofngiuration feature or via the remote test from ExRCA: It should list the shared mailbox as an entry on the bottom.

It did eventually show up in Outlook, thank you for the reply. There is no way to open them manually in Outlook?

There is: Files -> Account Settings -> double-click the profile -> More Settings -> Advanced -> Add

This is correct step