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Is it possible to have an email template when a user sends an email to that it uses a particular template to ensure certain things are included in the email? 

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No, as you cannot enforce things on sender's side. Perhaps you can use a web form instead, and configure the required fields there, then send a message based on the filled in form. Think of the "contact me" form on websites, etc.

@Vasil Michev What about having a .msg or .oft file that when a user clicks on the file, it opens up the email file that has the send To: filled in and Subject filled in.  

Yes, but that still requires you to be able to control things on the sender side. I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm saying that you as the receiver cannot enforce this, unless having control on the sender side.

Hi @Kim Williams,


could you please illustrate your question? 

A commented screenshot will help me to understand what exactly you wish to achieve.

What I ended up doing was I created a html link on my SharePoint Page that opens up a email window that I've formatted. What I wanted to be able to do is if someone sends an email from Outlook to my email address it enforces a template, but that isn't possible, so I will need to hide the email from the GAL and enforce the users to use the link.

Hi @Kim Williams,


thanks it seems I finally understood. To do that you want you have to create a VBA script or an add-in and install it for each user who sending you. Looks a bit clumsy. 

I agree. I'm going to see if the user is satisfied with the HTML Link and hide from the email address in the GAL. Thank you!