Shared calendars

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I am trying to create a Shared Calendar, there are so many ways to do this and I haven't found the exact solution in any KB article or search. I did create a Group Calendar but it is not functioning the way I need it to. Following is a list of my needs as well as the challenges I have come across:


  • Shared calendar for all staff to view all details
  • Limited staff to “own” calendar, post events
  • Calendar needs to be available to be shared in our Sharepoint Portal
  • Ability for all staff to view details in desktop mode
  • No mailbox is needed for either but OK if necessary based on setup
  • Calendar is only viewed within organization

The issues I am having:

  • In desktop view, no staff can see the details, they just see "busy"
    • I cannot find where/how I can change the view for all users
  • If I add all staff as members, how do I prevent them from getting notifications any time an event is added? 
  • In our Sharepoint Portal, staff CAN see the details, cannot see details in desktop mode other than owners
  • Only calendars that appear to be available to share in our Sharepoint site are Teams that I am on
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