Share and Embed PPT file on WebSite (same domain)

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I'm using office 365 to generate the embeded code of a PPT to include in my website. All under the same domain.

In wordpress when I include the embeded code, sometimes works (appear the Sharepoint message to start session) and sometimes I need to refresh more than once to can see the Sharepoint message to start session and finally I see the embeded PPT file.


When the file is not loaded I can see this on my console:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'webAbsoluteUrl')
at new e (loginapp.js:2:314270)
at loginapp.js:2:315690
at loginapp.js:2:315429
at Module.<anonymous> (loginapp.js:2:315621)
at p (loginapp.js:2:771)
at n (loginapp.js:2:434)
at loginapp.js:2:3218
at loginapp.js:2:3223


 And this is the direction of the loginapp.js:

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