Set ABP and Disable Powershell - For all newly created mailboxes

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Hey Team, 


Quick question here. I would like to set the default Address book policy (one we created) and disable powershell for all newly created mailboxes... 


I thought we could do the above with the Mailbox Plan and CAS Mailbox Plan, but apparently those options are not exposed via Cmdline. 


Any ideas on how i can accomplish my goals here? To be clear i want any new mailboxes created to have a custom ADB set and to have powershell access disabled. 





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Just use an onboarding script for the creation of the user/mailbox, and add those requirements as steps therein.
Thanks Vasil. As always you give great answers. I am trying to avoid adding any more steps the onboarding process.

However were you ever able to do what i want to do with Office 365? Or am i just flat wrong? What about with Exchange On-Prem? I am just curious at this point.


As you mentioned above, those parameters cannot be set via mailbox plans, so your only option is to script it. On-premises, you can use the scripting agent for this, but it's the same logic anyway - add some cmdlets after provisioning the mailbox.
Thanks again. As always your advice was correct. I also opened a ticket with MIcrosoft Support (Premier/Unified) and they are still working on "understanding the question". So you are faster than they are.