Server side inbox rule : Use rules to create an out of office message

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I used  this documentation ( The only difference that I did was that I use : have server repay using a specific message. Then connect to  Exchange online  us command get-inboxrule.  Issue is that I don’t see any parameters. And you can not create a rule because there is no action “An Inbox rule must include at least one action.”  There, or I can not find any option to set “have server repay using a specific message” and which message etc..

I would like to automate this to push this rule to several users.

Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration  show only  default auto replay text..


The rule works   and I can edit/update template. But no PowerShell

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You cannot configure such Inbox rule with PowerShell only, you'll have to leverage EWS methods.
Do you have a sample script? But i will look in to it..