Sensitivity Labels and .PDF

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Hello, our organization is using sensitivity labels within the windows environment and iOS. One issue we are running into is that when a sensitivity label is applied to a PDF and then accessed via an iOS device issue arise that make the document unable to open correctly. Has anybody else experienced this and does a workaround exist?

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@DZucchero Since the last time that our docs were updated, which at the time of this post is late April 2021, to open encrypted PDFs, the AIP Viewer app is necessary for mobile devices.


I know this was a while back, but we are trying to start our journey with sensitivity labels and so far, all is good, but I can't figure out how to apply a label to a PDF? We have the option to make a pdf whilst in Word as we have Acrobat, but I'm not sure how you were able to get the labels to be seen in a PDF? Any help would be appreciated,

Hey, this article will shed some light on your question


And this addition is brilliant by the way.

Maintain label and protection when creating PDF files from Office apps

Thanks for the reply.