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    I have use case , current we test with sensitive label and these label encrypt with all email on tenant . for example label Co-Auth , Review , View Only if user01 apply after user01 levave company and admin detete user .Now all file that user01 owner then how to take control admin ? or when create label with encrypt admin should be add more group as "SensitiveLableOwner" to permission co-owner to always keep this group owner all file apply label if need then add member to this group is can open ? please anyone suggest help me and i worry if encrypt then if office365 problem then all file company will can not open ?

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As an admin you can use the Super user functionality to get access to any content protected by your users:

If Now I enable supper user then this user can decrypt all file that user apply label before that ? or it only decrypt these file apply label after this time ?

Any label, as long as it still exists in the tenant (so make sure you don't delete labels unless you are 100% sure they are not in use).

another way I can add one group owner to all label and when need owner i can add user to this group and open file to take owner when user leave company ? as picture is TestO365-Group is owner all label when created