Send Emails to Teams Directly


Let's say an admin receives a severe alert notification as an email and you want to forward it to the incident management team. Normally, the email would be forwarded to the team members. When you forward emails in outlook, they may end up buried in a pile of other emails and remain unnoticed. Would you believe it if I said you could do that much easier in the other way?

Yes, there is a setting built between Outlook and MS Teams where you can instantly share the alert notification to the incident management Teams channel via the channel's email address!

How to Send Emails to Teams Directly? (

As a matter of fact, Microsoft Teams was originally designed to replace common use cases where email has often been used. So, when an email is shared through MS Teams Channel over Email, admins can find it more helpful as it allows:

  • Alert notifications can be routed instantly to the incident management Teams' channels so that high-priority issues are not overlooked.

  • Periodic scheduled reports can get quickly shared with department-wise admins via respective channels for better management and visibility.

  • Admins can redirect scheduled appointments, meetings, and events to respective Teams channels as gentle reminders.

  • General forms sent via Outlook can be forwarded to the Teams channels for immediate responses and greater visibility.

  • Technical support engineers can instantly share the customer’s queries with team members and resolve them more quickly.

Do you have any other ideas about how the Teams email feature can help us manage more efficiently?

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