Self Service Passsword Reset Hybrid

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We run a O365 / AD on-prem hybrid environment for a customer. For some reason it seems that external users can no longer reset their password through OWA, so I decided to implement self service password reset for these users. Sadly it seems that for users on the on-prem AD we need Azure Premium licences. But whatever, we might just move these users to the cloud as for cloud-only users it seems to work just fine.


But: Through the password reset just works fine. Only users in my testgroup can reset the password and they are asked for the authentification methods I configured. But when I go to -> Settings -> Reset Password I can change the password no matter if I am in this group or not and the authentification methods are not used neither. I'm talking about cloud-only users here. It seems to me that is standalone and completely ignores what I've setup for self service password reset. How can I disable this for the users? Because if this is an option my self service settings are for absolutely nothing.



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That's password *change* though, not the same thing as password *reset*. So this is the expected behavior.