Security Defaults Locking Out Admins

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For well over a year, customers who pay for business Microsoft365 have been getting locked out of their accounts when security defaults were turned on. This just happened to my business account, and apparently, we have not come up with a solution. My business account was locked last night. Fours on hold, and no one picked up. Today, support promised me a call back in an hour but nothing for five hours. When I opened a new ticket, I was hung up on. So one day of lost money and no help from MS, just the promise to charge my card again for something I cannot use. Please, who has a solution to this mess that MS has created for paying business customers?

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What is your AAD plan, may check on sign on logs in AAD

@Kidd_Ip cannot check logs if you cannot login

Day 5, and the saga continues. Today, I spoke with two more support reps who had no clue how to help. Why am I paying for what others offer for free?