Secure Remote Access for Windows 11 Pro PCs with Office 365 (Easy, Cost-Effective)

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I run a small business with 10 Windows 11 Pro computers, no servers. Each user has their own Office 365 subscription, using it to log into any of these 10 computers seamlessly. Now, with the team looking to work from home. I'm on the lookout for a remote control solution that's easy to set up, secure, cost-effective, and also plays nice with Macs on the client side.


Remote Desktop seems like a great fit, but it appears that the computer needs to be joined to a domain for this to work. Ideally, it would be nice to not need to set up a Windows server and maintain it.


I've looked into TeamViewer and similar solutions, but they do not appear to be integrated with Windows accounts. So, for example, if user A logs into a computer, and then user B starts remote controlling the same computer, user B would see what user A was doing. In this regard, Remote Desktop is better, as it only allows one user to see its stuff.


Any suggestions on solutions? Thanks.

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