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Hi all,


I can't search on resource mailbox with Outlook 2016 or OWA. But search works well on resource mailbox when I have full access rights on it.

Apparently (don't confirm by me) editor rights aren't enough.


Resources mailbox are on Office 365.


Anyone have an idea ?


Thanks for your help


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By that I believe you mean search in the Calendar of the resource mailbox? Or is it any other folder? Do you have the "cache shared folders" setting toggled? Have you made sure that the search scope is correctly set to include the folder?

Hi, thanks for your help.
Yes I mean search calendar items. When I select calendar toolips of search text box change. I’m in the right folder.
Yes I have cache shared folders selected.
What do you mean by search scope ? When I’m putting full access on this resource mailbox I can search with same client, same calendar, without restart outlook.

Hope you can hep me ;)

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Just tested it and it works fine for me on version 1808 (10730.20264), with editor permissions. So either there is an issue with the version you are using, or the local cache is corrupted. Try creating a new profile just to be on the safe side.

The problem comes from : "Apparently (don't confirm by me) editor rights aren't enough."


Editor rights are enough. Always verifying user's informations ! ;)


Sorry for your time, and thanks a lot

But what is the minimum rights needed to be able to search on ressource mailbox ?

I have created ressource mailboxes with AutomateProcessing in autoaccept and don't able to search on it without editor rights.