Room Resource Calendars - Secretaries ability to cancel/re-schedule meetings

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We are in the process of creating a number of room resource calendars for our new office. Previously, Secretaries for the old office were utilizing Public folder calendars to schedule meeting rooms for attendees. We would like to allow users to self-schedule to room resource calendars at the new office, but retain the ability for secretaries to cancel/re-schedule meetings as needed for emergencies ie: C-Level executives require the meeting room with short notice.


I have attempted providing full delegation to the mailbox to the secretaries, however it seems that the organizer is the only one that can cancel or re-schedule these meetings.


Is there a method to achieve this? If not, how does your company handle these types of situations with room resource calendars?



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They can remove the meeting / decline it and alert the organizer. You cannot cancel the actually meeting itself. That’s on the organizer to find a new room and update or decide to cancel the meeting.