Room Reservation cannot auto decline when booking is overlapped

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Dear everyone,


The case is that:

Room is booked from 10am-12am. It is accepted automatically. Then I have another person books from 11am - 12am. When he is booking, the system is showed busy, however the system is still can accept.

And I see the room's calendar. The booking from 11am - 12am is not being showed. The people which are invited, their calendar is still showing appointment. How can I solve this problem? Thanks  

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The behavior depends on the settings of the room itself (is automated processing on, are conflicts allowed) and the permissions the user has (is he creating the meeting directly in the room's Calendar). Start by checking the calendar processing configuration.

@VasilMichev I have seen many people have conflict setting in the room setting. However I cannot see this settingsetting.jpg

You can see it under Options for the room mailbox (open the EAC > click your name in the top right corner > view another mailbox > select the room mailbox > options > settings > resource). Also make sure to find out how exactly meeting are being created.