Room Finder and Workspaces - Unavailable versus Available Issue

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This is on Exchange Online 365. On-prem is not involved
Organizer user1 asks to book Worspace1 in Outlook web. The delegate receives an email and approves for the 11th
30 minutes later another organizer user2 goes to Room finder and looks up for the same Workspace1 and day 11th. I was expecting Room Finder and Scheduling Assistance to show Workspace1 as Unavailable. But that is not happening, Workspace1 shows as available.
Funny thing is that if Rooms type, the unavailable/available works but not for Workspaces

Thanks in advance

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It sounds like you're encountering an issue with the availability of Workspaces in the Room Finder and Scheduling Assistance feature in Exchange Online. This could be due to a few different factors, such as an issue with the Workspaces being properly marked as unavailable in the calendar or an issue with the Room Finder and Scheduling Assistance feature itself.


To troubleshoot this issue, I would recommend checking the calendar of the Workspace in question to ensure that it is properly marked as unavailable for the time in question. If the calendar is correct, I would then recommend checking the settings and configuration of the Room Finder and Scheduling Assistance feature to see if there are any misconfigurations or issues that may be affecting the availability of Workspaces.


If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, I would recommend reaching out to Microsoft support for further assistance. Safeguard your valuable data through an understanding of Microsoft 365 backup methods.