Right Angle Connectors are now going Diagonal?

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Hey, I've been working on this Visio diagram for some time now, and I have nearly got every hidden setting working in my favor. Unfortunately, something happened to my connectors, they ALL ARE DIAGONAL?!

These are Right Angle connectors, and they were all fine. I went to make some changes to a couple of Master Stencils, and page settings. Here, take a look at these screenshots of what happens now:



First, this is what it looks like when I go to drag the connector.

Second is immediately after I release the mouse button, it fails to render an imaginary diagonal line. Notice the little blue bubble.

Third is when I move the horizontal line up, it indeed has created a diagonal connector.

Fourth is the settings of the right side <1> shape; showing how the connection points are supposed to be acting, +1 or -1 along the X-dir. And indeed they WERE working merely hours ago, and for the last week.


I changed settings inside of the Master Shape for these <> shapes:

Miscellaneous: NoObjHandles = TRUE

Group Properties: SelectMode = 0


These settings are to prevent future users from accidentally editing the shapes when they only need to select and use the Shape Data.



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I found the solution.

It doesn't have anything to do with the ShapeSheet.


What happened, was I changed the page settings:

Design > Page Setup

I removed "Auto Size"


But since this involves changing settings for the Page, Visio creates gremlins for anything that is also tied to the Page settings. In this case:

Design > Page Setup > Layout and Routing

... is also encased in the Page. So it broke itself.



Delete every connector

Delete the Master "Dynamic connector"

Create a new Page

Copy all shapes over to Page-2

Delete Page-1

Reconnect every connector


Luckily for me, I only had 20 connectors to recreate. Hopefully this thread comes in handy for someone else!


*EDIT: Clarification*

The images I have shown look like the diagonals are moving at angles parallel to the shapes.

The reality is, every connector was moving at a different odd angle. If I created new Squares, no ShapeSheet data, the connectors still moved at strange angles. There was no convergence to where they were pointed. All settings for angular snapping were disabled.

I want to be able to do this with connectors.  When mapping out piping lines in the field, they use right angles and diagonal connections.  Using multiple connectors is inconvenient and would like to have one connector.  

Connectors Visio.png