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First, this is my first post here and I have done some searching but the problem doesn't appear to be directly referenced.



At my company we have a shared mailbox in o365 named enquiries. People can email this shared mailbox from outside the company. When messages come into this mailbox, they are then redirected using a rule to other mailboxes that are owned by people. These people can then respond to and deal with the enquiry. 


I want to apply a retention policy to these emails when the come into the company via the email address. I have set up a test retention policy of 365 days for any message that comes into the enquiry mailbox. 


Question - does the 365 day retention policy apply to the message when it appears in other peoples mailboxes? Does the applied policy 'attach' as metadata to the message so that after 365 days it is deleted from the inbox of the people that have received the message? 


If not, what would be the best approach to dealing with this. End goal is that emails received to the 'enquireies' account are automatically deleted after a set time frame. 


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The way retention policies work is like this:
-you create a retention policy and add tags to it
-you assign the policy to specific mailboxes (in your case to enquiries and let's say that you don't assign the policy to peoples mailboxes)
-the retention policy works for the emails inside the enquiries mailbox
-an email that once was inside the enquiries mailbox and had a tag applied to it will lose that tag once it's forwarded to a user mailbox and will obey to the retention policy assigned to the user mailbox, if any is assigned

I hope this answers your question, at least partially if not fully :)

@Victor Ungureanu 




Would the new Unified Retention Label's fix this workflow so that the Label added to the message when it hits the enquires@ mailbox would persist even when the message is redirected?


Would the label persist when EmployeeX replies?

Could EmployeeX change the retention label that was applied on enquires mailbox?