Restrict users from changing their own password

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Hello guys,


We are looking for a way to restrict users from changing/resetting their own password. Including forgot password.

We are a pure cloud Office 365 tenant. Not using any 3rd party app/software.

Is there any way to do that? Thank you!

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A pretty old discussion but there's conflicting opinions.

I just want to confirm if there's still none for pure cloud tenants.

They did mention about retricting users from changing passwords from owa but I think that doesn't exist anymore.
The initial discussion is old indeed but last reply dates from nov 2021 where a sort of workaround is provided so thought it might help :)
Hello Davy,

I appreciate it man. No worries. However, the workaround is to disable password writeback in AAD Connect, so this means that they are using directory synchronization for their users. This will indeed restrict users from changing their passwords but this means they are not purely a cloud tenant as they manage their users from On-premise Active Directory.