Restrict specific users from viewing Organization hierarchy

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Is there a way to block the organization hierarchy view in MS TEAMS and SharePoint? When the user chats with another user in TEAMS or when s/he hovers over a user profile in SharePoint, s/he can view the Org hierarchy. I know we can block it for all users from the TEAMS admin center, but is there a way to do it for specific users?


I was wondering if there is a way at the Azure AD application, SharePoint user profile, Delve, etc but couldn't find a way. Any help or guidance would be highly appreciated.

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Depends on the scenario. You can block it for Guest users, for internal users you can use Gal segregation/information barriers to "partition" the tenant. All of these will affect more than just the Org hierarchy view though.
Do you mean using Address Book Policies (ABP) in exchange Online? Does using ABP also affect viewing user profiles in SharePoint and Org view in TEAMS? Sorry, I am not fully aware of ABP so confirming.
None of these apply to SharePoint afaik. SPO does support information barriers, but on the site level, so I'm not sure whether it will actually prevent you from seeing user's info. And again, this applies to the entire profiles, not just the org view info, so probably not a good solution for your scenario.