Restoring a deleted sharepoint document version

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In sharepoint, I accidentally lost a document version that I'd like to restore. When I go to version history, there is no record of this document (date). Can this version be recovered?

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I have had this happen in the past. If you go to the online page and go to Site contents there should be a Recycle Bin.




When you select it should display all the files that have been removed.  The page only shows 50 at a time, and they do not stay indefinitely, but once you find the file you can select it and then click restore.



Thanks.  I've not lost the entire document, just the latest version on a given date.  The doc is not in the recycle bin.  Is there a way to recover a lost version?



If you go to the icon on your taskbar for the syncing are you able to click on the More Options for the file and select Version History? From there you may be able to restore or download to check the version you are looking for.






Thanks again, but don't see the version I modified 1/19...only the prior version dated 1/15


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I'm afraid that if for lost you mean to accidentally delete the version, there is no way to recover it
Thanks all. I want to close this issue. I had to recreate the document version that I had lost, as there appeared no way to recover it.