Restore emails from Microsoft 365 Outlook

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My wife had some folders of saved emails within Outlook (Microsoft 365).  I ASSUME "this computer only", but am not positive.

She accidentally deleted them.  The folders are NOT in the deleted folder.

I have numerous backups (1-26 and 1-22 and 1-20 etc) of all files in her user folder.  C:/Users   So, I assume I have what I need to "restore" the deleted folders with emails.

I am looking for the correct steps to follow.  Something like:

- restore the complete USER folder to a separate folder on the desktop

- Use Outlook (microsoft 365) to "open" the .pst or .ost  that is in the restored folder????

- OR  use Outlook (microsoft 365) to "import" from the .pst or .ost  that is in the restored folder????

- After Outlook has found the items, I can then copy them to the LIVE account


Thanks in advance!!

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You cannot open/import OST files directly, PST will have to do, as long as the actual items are therein. If they're in the OST, you will have to restore/replace the file and pray Outlook opens it without an issue. Other than that, the steps should work.

@Vasil Michev   Thank you!   From what I have done so far, the deleted items are not in the .pst.  I may try the restore of the .ost and see what happens.  I would disconnect from the internet; back up at least the .pst and .ost files; restore the old .ost; try to open Outlook.  If it works, I can copy the deleted emails I am looking for to a folder.  Then delete the old .ost and restore the "current" .ost.

Thanks again!