Renewing Exchange 2019 Hybrid Server wildcard certificate. Do I still need to run Hybrid Config?

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We are running Exchange Server 2019 Hybrid.  All mailboxes are in the Office 365 cloud.  This server only has one on-prem account and the assigned services are IIS and SMTP.  The current wildcard certificate is about to expire.  We renewed it, I imported it, and assigned the same roles.  I haven't deleted the old one.  So far, the email is flowing, with no apparent issue. 


Do I still need to run the Exchange Hybrid Configuration? Some online posts say only if I change the name.  What "name" are they referring to? Is it the Display name in the picture? Because the Display Names I have are the same except the capitalization is different. For example, *.wildcard.test and *.WILDCARD.test. Is that considered a different name? Hence, I still have to rerun the Hybrid configuration? Thank you.



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