Rename A Computer After Installing Office 365

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I installed Office 365 on a computer without first checking the computer name.  I renamed it a month after my install to match my naming conventions, but when I look at my installs page in the Admin section of the 365 portal, it still has the old name.


There is no method to rename it through the portal, so some of the posts say to deactivate and then reactivate, and if you have trouble, use a command line process which requires a product key.  Well... I never received a product key because I installed it online without purchasing it through a store.  There was no "box" with a product key label.


I also can't find any emails from my install because it was a long time ago.


Two questions:

1) Is there a current preferred method to rename a computer without having to know the product key?

2) If I need a product key, where do I find it?





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The product key is added automatically and can be seen with the same script you will use for deactivating, just go with the process. 

@Vasil Michev Thanks Vasil for your response.  When I deactivate a machine, I just click the Deactivate button from the portal's list of machines.  I don't recall seeing a product key?

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Sorry, I thought you were referring to the scripts. Here's an article that explains that method:


But doing it from the portal should also work.