Remove events with Remove-CalendarEvents

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I have an ex-employee who scheduled several meetings before he left. I was able to run Remove-CalendarEvents w/o error. However, I am curious:


* Will the attendees receive cancellation emails in their inbox or this goes on behind the scene? I suppose it can silently remove the meetings from the attendees in the same Exchange environment.

* For external attendees, do they get cancellation emails? It seems to me they have to and it's up to the receiving end's mail system to process the cancellation. If that's the case, external attendees will get a bunch of cancellation emails.


Thank you.


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Yes, they should receive cancelations - that's the whole selling point of the feature, compared to the brute force method of just deleting matching items via Search-Mailbox.
And also the reason why you can only run said cmdlet while the mailbox exists :)