remove apps from office 365 after upgrade user license

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at a start, user is license to m365 business premium, so it is installed with m365 apps for business for ms office. groove, publisher, skype was excluded during the installation. it is good.


few days ago, the user license is upgraded from m365 business premium to m365 e3, the current m365 apps for business for ms office has auto upgrade to m365 apps for enterprise for ms office. during this auto upgrade, i realised groove, publisher, skype was installed too. 


how is it possible? any way to remove in a better way rather than do a full uninstall and reinstall of office with these excluded again?

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Havent heard of this "auto-upgrade" process, usually when you do a license change, you have to reinstall Office, as it uses a different SKU. You will have to rerun the ODT anyway if you want to remove some apps.