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Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook is missing

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Following article


Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook  is missing

Any known issue?






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As mentioned in the other thread, simply create any missing keys.

@Vasil Michev Are you certain?  The article demonstrates creating the PST key, not half of the path.  I ask because there just happens to be an exact match for this key path if you remove 'Policies'


The article refers to HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft, but the trail ends there.  However, if you go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft, you'll find Office\XX.0\Outlook\PST.  Sure feels like a typo.


EDIT: Not sure what's wrong with OP's link but the article is located here

EDIT EDIT: I discovered that the 'Policies' key is associated to Group Policy.  If you're not using Group Policy, you'll see the same path, just without the word Policies in it.

@thisisfutiledid you ever find out if this was a typo?


I am trying to update the pst size as well.

@ijduncan I'm sorry, I just now saw this question.  After doing a little more research, I discovered the "Policies" in the path is relevant to Group Policy.  In my work environment, I don't have a single GP used for Outlook, which explains why this path didn't exist for me.  I did follow the instructions using the path posted in my previous comment and it worked.  Before we switched over to MS365 this past summer, we were using Outlook 2010 (which is 14.0 in the registry) and I went to several PC's with PST's getting close to 20GB and 2 that were exactly 20GB...(by the way, I have no idea if they were losing archived emails because I think they were at 20GB for a long time but Outlook wasn't throwing warnings to them!)  Anyway, I monitored those PC's after implementing the registry key and they all started growing to 20.1, 20.2 etc.

TL;DR - Yes, it works, just remove Policies from the path and find your version number of Outlook.  I used "MaxLargeFileSize" and "WarnLargeFileSize".


HTH!  Sorry I'm so late!

@thisisfutile I am still having trouble after making the changes to get mine to go beyond the 50gb. Is there anything that could keep the change from taking effect? I did have to create several items. I am testing this with myself before I possibly setup some others.





@MrDapper Did you edit your image to have less keys (folders) under the 16.0 key and the Outlook key? Here's mine. 14.0 is Office 2010 (which is what I was using at the time of my post). As you can see, it contains a lot more keys than your image.  I have a 15.0 in my registry that's as empty as your 16.0.  I'm guessing you're in the wrong key. Look at this link to determine which number you should be in: Outlook versions, build numbers and other trivia -

If you did edit the image, perhaps try to remove the 'MaxFileSize' and 'WarnFileSize' values? I know I didn't need them and my PST's grew past 20GB with no problems.