Reference list for all Office 365 SKUs in PowerShell?


When you run the Powershell command get-msolaccountsku you get back a list of SKU's licensed to the tenant. 


For example ENTERPRISEPACK refers to E3. Is there a definitive list from MS anywhere that details ALL the Service Plans you can potentially see using PowerShell? My searching has located 100+ so far but I can't see a definitive list from MS that shows what all the licenses are in PowerShell.  

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Sadly, no. As we need the list for our products, I periodically probe different MS folks about it, and I'm almost certain that there are like 2 people in the whole organization that have the full list, and they try to keep this information as secret as possible :)


The closes you can get is here:


Which is also far from complete and is getting outdated...

That's a great start, many thanks for that.


I have placed what I can find in my GitHub repo:


based on the fact that I couldn't find much else. I'll try and keep that up to date over the time. Hopefully, that makes it a bit easier for folks.

@Robert Crane 


Does this help?


I've been looking for an API that provides this information but I haven't found anything yet.