Recovery email after login screen problem

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In our company we are setting recovery email of our users to some it admin mail so we can recover M365 access for them. We do not have users that are, technically speaking, advanced to do this by themselfs.


If we set this email to the users then MFA auth code is sent to this email which is not ok!

Also some of the users do not have company phone/number and also their private email as they do not need it so we cannot set the recovery to their private email. Also MFA is not possible to set up for them because of that.

As you are forcing MFA and recovery email etc. what should we do??? Set recovery email for all the users to their private gmail if they have them or create it for them????!!! You want us to go to your competition????

This is a realy stupid requirement for all the users as some will never have private email and/or company phone.


Regards, Egi

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