Recovering Whiteboard

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Is there a way to recover a whiteboard? It disappeared, could be due to an error with the app as I didn't delete it.


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When you initiate a Whiteboard session, a folder is created in Onedrive for Business called Whiteboard. You can check this folder for Whiteboard session outputs. I hope this helps. If this helped, please mark it as the solution. Thank you!


Hi , I have a similar issue. there is a Whiteboard gone  in a Teams. Is it also stored  in the Onedrive of the user who created the  Whiteboard Tab in the teams channel or is it stored anywhere in Sharepoint online ? 

Could it be restored somehow?

Hi there, yes it should be accessible in the OneDrive For Business folder called Whiteboard. Did you check there? To the best of my knowledge, whiteboard is not stored in SharePoint Online.

@LuiIacobellis Thanks for your response! Yes we found out, that a Whiteboard created in a Team is stored  on the onedrive of the user who created the Whiteboard. 

From my point of view it should be stored in the Team, but Microsoft thinks different :sad:

@Heike Theim

Hey guys. I just lost my content in Microsoft Whiteboard.

DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION if you do not want to lose your sensitive data.
Did you check the Whiteboard folder in Onedrive?

@LuiIacobellis Thank you. Perhaps this option works if I had One Drive for Business, but unfortunately I'm only paying Microsoft for One Drive for Family. No such folder.  I lost everything. Thank you for your time.


@Vurdebrud , @LuiIacobellis , @Kidd_Ip , @Heike Theim 


Check here for your missing whiteboard:


My Whiteboard disappeared from MS Teams but I was able to find it via the link above.

Excellent, thanks for sharing!



Hi everyone,


I have lost my Whiteboard. I have a personal account.


How can I retrieve/restore it from the Cloud?




I also just lost all my notes I took in whiteboard, its like my OneDrive reset Itself. There seems to be no pervious versions for my whiteboard folder, all other files in OneDrive say they were created at the same time. I have finals in a few weeks and those notes to study, is there any other way to recover the files? is there really no local storage/backup?