record contact form entries to Microsoft List

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I have a wordpress site running Contact Form 7 addin. 


Does anyone know a way I can automatically record submissions on this form directly to Microsoft List?

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Use Power Automate/Logic apps.

Send the email from the contact form, poll the email address in the aforementioned technology, parse the contents of the email and map it to the relevant fields and create an item in the list of your choice.
Thanks for reply. Do you know if there is a way to avoid polling the email? I've read that sometimes email doesn't send, even when someone fills out form, and so it's more reliable to hit the database directly, where entry is recorded.

@liverlarson well, that's a completely different approach then and depending on your expertise and ability, could be a lot more complex.

Bottom line, if you're not catching the event via some kind of PHP hook on the back of the contact form then you need to poll the database.  Alternatively, you could apply an approach like that mentioned in this post ... ... and use DB triggers but it looks shakey and potentially problematic, still worth a shot though I'd say.

Once you have the data though, using the Azure based services (like a Logic App or Azure Function or Power Automate) to create the list item is a sure fire approach.

You can also connect to MySQL from Logic Apps but depending on where your DB is hosted and how accessible it is could depend on how much complexity needs to go into the solution, i.e. you may need a gateway instance to connect.  Honestly, catching the email is the easiest path but I guess, if you don't trust it then that's not going to get you across the line.

Hmm. Ok, hitting up database idea was in order to reduce moving parts - what seemed to me to be more potential points of failure - but I suppose the reliability/complexity balance is to be considered.

"Once I have the data" indeed - the reason I'm trying to do this is to bring contact forms together from multiple sites and do stuff with them - automating from Lists has a lot of opportunity.

Thanks for comments.