reconnecting my domain to office 365

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I'm wondering if any one can help me with a problem I have. My organization subscribes to Office 365 for our email. The environment is synced with our on premise domain controller. Just before I started working here they were hit with an encryption virus. They did not pay and subsequently did not have backups for the domain controller so elected to rebuild the domain from scratched. This left it disconnected with the Office 365 cloud. So my question, if someone can help, is what can I do to reconnect to the cloud? I can't simply synchronize with the cloud and risk over writing the office 365 accounts with the new domain controller info. I'm hoping there is a way I could some how consolidate each user account from the cloud with the accounts on the on premise domain controller. Hopefully I've explained this clearly.

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You should be able to set up as connect and sync your users to office 365! If UPN is set correctly and smtp matches it will do a soft match and the accounts will be merged!

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