Recent strange behaviour of Word365 and Adobe Acrobat

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Part of a daily workflow in my company is time-critical batch conversion of large number of single Word 365 documents (.docx) into PDF`s that we later organise on pages for print production. Conversion is done through Adobe Acrobat because of several print oriented recipes that exist in Acrobat but not in Office. Everything worked fine for years, no matter of updates in both Office and Acrobat until week or so ago.


Our ussual procedure started to produce blank PDF documents of same size (either 6 or 13 kb depending of quality setting) in proper page format. We tried several different Acrobat versions but result is always same we suspect its something with the recent Office update.


Exporting PDF from Word itself work as intended aswel so there should be no problem with engine itself.


To be more peculiar, every time we reinstall Adobe Acrobat first batch go as it intended but never again (few documents here and there convert properly).


We tried 3rd party PDF engines (Elemnts for example) and they do the job but we don't have enough quality control in them plus we are paying for both Office and Adobe and its not option to switch to something else now.


We choked all kind of settings on both sides but results are always blank pages after first conversion.


Anyone have idea how to overcome this (workarounds are not options) or its simply something overlooked in recent Office updates?

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@Kidd_Ip Nope, we don't have problem with extra blank pages, acrobat generate actual page without content with exact same size no matter of size of original.