Recent & Pinned Files Vanishing from list

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I've noticed for a while now that some files stored in SharePoint seem to vanish from my recent files list. In the desktop versions of Word/Excel but also from the recently accessed files in the SharePoint/OneDrive homepages. One file that continually saw the issue I tried to pin to the list - it stays there for 10-15 minutes, and then vanishes. I can leave the screen open and watch it vanish!


It doesn't seem to happen to all sites, but I can't see anything common between the ones that it does happen to. All of them are sites created within the past 3-4 months and are Modern Group sites.


I created a test user as well. Exactly the same thing happens. Recent documents for the user is blank despite having opened several files from SharePoint - these were just opened online in the browser.


I assume that this is a graph issue, possibly permission related? Where would I start looking?



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