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Hello all, I have a client who has the following analytic rewuirement on their outlook. So they want to be able to view the exact read recipients of a mail sent to a distribution group from an admin perspective. Insight only shows the percentage of recipients that opened the mail. Is there a tool that can achieve this? I Will appreciate any contributions this.
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Hi @Myloking_, could you please explain what's difference between "exact read recipients" and number of "reciepients that opened the mail"?

Hello @Victor Ivanidze, Thanks for your reply. So my customer wants to be able to see the exact mailbox owners that opened the mail. So for instance, if he sends a mail to a distribution group of 20 people, and 8 opened the mail, he wants to know the exact 8 that did. So apparently, Microsoft privacy does not permits this, Hence i introduced my clients to the benefits of using MyAnalytics. So all they can get is the percentage of mail open rate. Atleast until a solution like that is achievable for enterprise use. 

Hi @Myloking_,  if using a read receipt request is acceptable, you can count amount of read receipts sent to initiaitor.