Re: API to search list of videos or channels with strings in microsoft streams

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Hello Team,

I would like to search for the videos with strings (i.e 'safety') in Microsoft streams. I searched through the document but I haven't found an API for it. Do we have an API to query with a string? If any can anyone please help me out to route to the appropriate document.



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API’s are coming but haven’t dropped yet. There was an announcement a little while back.

If you can’t wait, you can build some kind of flow and throw the videos into Azure Media Services and from there, you can get a transcript and then use that to search and link to your video.

A little long winded but all possible.

Someone may have a better answer so not sure if that helps.

Hi @Raji_450 , several years too late for your question but I think you've got two options


1 - use the $filter option available in the api BUT you search term has to be in the name, title or description

Here is an example of filtering on the state property being equal to Completed OR the contentSource property being equal to livestream.

For my region the URL is as follows$skip=0&$top=100&adminmode=true&api-version=1.4-pr...


You could also try using search and grabbing the returned HTML and parsing that (would be hard for me).