"What's New" blocked - "Your organization's administrator turned off the service ..." - Huh?

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After the latest update to Office 365 Home 64-bit on our SoHo Win 7 Pro 64-bit machine, if we go to "File - Account - What's New", we get only a popup error message that says "Your organization's administrator turned off the service required to use this feature."


How did this happen?  Is it a strong privacy setting?  And why is this happening at all anyway - who wants this?




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@glnz Hello, did you get any replies from tech support at Microsoft? this is been a pain in my side for a while. I am the administrator and I did not set up anything to prevent users (me) from anything available on Office. I get the same error for Help, Contact Support, Show Training, and on and on.

I have the paid Office 365 Personal edition and I hope they answer soon. Apparently, according to the AI, I am running an older version of the program interface that does not support that command and I need to upgrade.


@Jorge Rico 

Jorge - thanks for reply but that was 3 1/2 years ago and I haven’t had that issue for a long time.  Sorry but I don’t remember the fix.  
I probably also posted at SevenForums or TenForums and am usually pretty diligent about posting updates there.  Try a search for my user name glnz. 
Good luck and best wishes in the new year.  

Jorge - PS - you might find that the only solution now is to upgrade your Win 7 to Win 10. That should still be doable for free. Check the Tutorials on TenForums.