"Sub Swim Lanes" or "Hidden Swim Lanes"

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Hi community!


I am new to using Visio and wanted to reach out in this community for some advice. 

I am currently working a project with an extensive process flow. As we add more and more teams to the process, the process flow chart grows larger and larger as I’m sure you can imagine. There are certain pieces of the flow where we have dedicated a whole swim lane just to address a simple “No” answer. The idea is that perhaps there’s a way to do a “Sub” swim lane to help cut down on how daunting the process flow is beginning to look. The vision is that we could get swim lanes to appear with certain clicks, so they are hidden unless the answer to a box is "no.” You could then you click the no and it opens the hidden swim lane because some of tasks we have identified with other teams are only part of the process for one small piece and only if an answer is no.


Does anyone know if this is a functionality of Visio?


Thank you!


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Have you considered using the Subprocess buttons on the Process tab?

You can create new ones, link to existing ones or create from a selection. The latter will create a new page for your selection, move the shapes to it, and place a Subprocess shape in its place on the original page. It will put a hyperlink on this subprocess shape to enable you to navigate quickly to the second page.

You can also use the Off-page Reference master shape from the Basic Flowcharts stencil to create hyperlinks between two pages.

Hi David,


I had not tried what you had detailed below but after looking into this, I think your suggestion will achieve exactly what I am looking to do! Thank you so much for your assistance here, much appreciated.




Hi, Having a similiar prob. But, I was wondering can you point to any examples of how that would look ?  Thanks Much