"Open in Excel Online" just downloads the file, opens in Excel 2016

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I have a user who cannot open files in Excel Online from OneDrive. If he right-clicks the file in OneDrive and selects "open in excel online" it just opens a blank tab and downloads the file.


This only happens in Onedrive. If he navigates to the file via Sharepoint or the Excel Online app directly, it will open in the browser. But doing it from OneDrive forces it to download. 


I already changed the settings in the user's OneDrive to open files in the browser by default (Return to classic OneDrive>Library>Library Settings>Advanced Settings > Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents>Open in the browser). But the file still won't open in the browser. Just automatically downloads. 


The users is on Windows 10 and has Excel 2016 installed.

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