"Onedrive cannot connect to Windows..." Messages has been appeared until now.


Hi. I want to fix some problem at Onedrive but I can't correct it myself.


The problem is:


1. Synchronization is good to work in any devices (I use 3 device: Desktop, Laptop, and Surface pro 4) 


2. When I turn on the "File-on-demand" function in Onedrive Setting, the message, "Onedrive cannot connect to Windows..." is pop-up.


3. The problem is appeared in Desktop and Surface pro 4. (although file-on-demand function is not work in desktop, It's Ok! because My desktop storage is 2TB. but REAL PROBLEM is in Surface Pro 4. its storage is just 128GB.)


4. I had tried to solve this problem with Microsoft Help Service, and Online-based solution, but It doesn't work anything.


4-1. The solutions I had tried are:


(1) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/-onedrive-cannot-connect-to-windows-error-when-accessing-...


(2) https://pupuweb.com/solved-onedrive-cannot-connect-windows-error-files-on-demand/


5. My Windows version is:

Edition - Windows 10 Pro

Version - 2004

OS Build - 19041.264


How can I solve this problem? My suface tablet has suffered enough to lack of storage. Please help me.


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