"New Outlook" stopped auto-updating inbox

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Hi, I switched to the "New Outlook" a while ago (using for an M365 enterprise account). It worked fine for a while, then it started updating the inbox view when new mail arrived. That is, if Outlook is open with the Inbox folder displayed and a new mail arrives, the unread count next to Inbox in the folder pane increases by one, but the new mail is not displayed. Only when I switch to another folder and then back to Inbox do I see the new mail.

It works fine in the browser (although it looks 100% identical otherwise).


You have Microsoft Outlook Version 1.2023.405.100 (Production).

Client Version is 20230331005.09

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Hi @svhelden,

That could be related to many things. Let's try some troubleshooting:

1- When you're in your inbox folder, go to "View" and click on "Reset View". After that, restart Outlook.


2- Create a new Outlook profile and check the behavior. 

3- Install the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant, (Download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant from Official Microsoft Download Center), and select "Outlook" - "I'm having problems sending, receiving, or finding email messages". Follow the instructions provided by the tool.



If all the above points didn't help, try an office quick reppair from Control Panel - Programs and Features. Select "Office365 Apps" and click on "Change":



You could also go ahead with an online repair, but that takes some time, ( it's basically like a reinstallation ). 


Hope you find the solution. Good luck :)




Thanks, but I'm speaking of the "New Outlook" which doesn't have all that.
Sorry, but I don't get you...
Newest Outlook version is Version 2303 (Build 16227.20280)

Could you send a screenshot?

@FcoManigrasso "New Outlook" is an optional feature in Office 365 "Current channel":




Cool @svhelden,

Thanks for sharing. 

And if you disable that "New Outlook" option works all well again?

Because maybe it's only a performance issue/bug related to that version that will be fixed in future updates. 

If disabling that option all works fine, I would bet for that.

If you face the same behavior without that option, then my previous troubleshooting will still be valid.

If I disable "New Outlook" then I get the classic Outlook which is a totally different app and works of course. "New Outlook" is basically a PWA of Outlook on the Web, however, THAT is working correctly.


Can you disable it ? When I click on the "new outlook" slider the slider doesn't switch to the left but stays at the right.


The change with this "new outlook" it too brutal with the previous version. I would like to switch back but nothing happens when I click it....


I didn't try now because I want to use the "new outlook." But when it appeared originally, I switched to new outlook and back, that had worked.

(Could be that some background processes keep Outlook open and that you need to reboot after turning "new outlook" off.)

@svhelden when clicking the "old" outlook icon (not the one with the "PRE" text in the icon, see image here below for the difference) it still started the new outlook.

But when opening it "as administrator" I can use the old Outlook again... so I'm working like this now, sounds very logic isn't it.



The icons don't matter. You cannot have separate links, one for the old and one for the new Outlook. You have ONE link to Outlook per user (!), and that starts either the old or the new Outlook. You need to switch the "New Outlook" option off, that should close the new Outlook and open the old one.

If you're running it "as Administrator", I guess you're supplying a separate account for that? In that case it uses the other user profile which has its own settings.
I did a reboot of Windows, and before rebooting there was a Windows update too, after the reboot and clicking the Outlook icon at the bottom the "old" Outlook is opening again.
And I got a "text balloon" to try out the new Outlook (because the slider was in off position), so it looks everything is back to normal again.
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This has been fixed now (by an update it seems).


For me, this problem was not fixed. I am still having problems with the "New Outlook" not updating my inbox. I see mail on my phone, etc., but not on my desktop. However, I did just find that if I click on "View"  there is a "Sync" button available or, easier, I can press F9.

I'm not sure but I might have had to manage my 365 account by going to settings>accounts>manage to sync all my 365 accounts. I'm not sure if that sync button was available before I made that update.

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best response confirmed by svhelden (Brass Contributor)
This has been fixed now (by an update it seems).

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