"Groups" Folder in Outlook - How to Remove

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I'm using Outlook for Mac (Ver 15.33) and recently installed the Outlook Customer Manager add-in. When it installed it created a "Groups" folder on my desktop Outlook (not showing on my internet Outlook), with a "Outlook Customer Manager" subfolder. The Outlook Customer Manager subfolder has one email in it.


I decided OCM wasn't appropriate for me. I uninstalled the add-in. The "Groups" and "Outlook Customer Manager" folders, as well as the email, are still in my directory tree...and I can't delete / remove any of it (including the email).


How do I remove this stuff? I've attached a screenshot for reference.





Outlook Customer Manager.jpg

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Do you have by chance Groups enabled in your Office 365 tenant? Indeed even if the answer is "No", I guess what it's happening is that the OCM Group is still there even if you disable OCM and that's the reason why Groups folder is still shown

Have you try to remove from the admin exchang server online? 

Any solution ?
This worked. Turn off Outlook Customer manager in the web portion and then go to Admin and delete groups.