"enterprise mobility + security e3" license query.

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Hi all


Please can someone help me clear up my confusion. I have 952 of "enterprise mobility + security e3" licenses in my Office 365 tenant and 952 " Office 365 E3" licenses. Majority of my "Office 365 E3" licenses have been assigned to staff members but only a few of the "enterprise mobility + security e3" licenses have been assigned out.


Should I manually assign the "enterprise mobility + security e3" licenses to the staff that have the "Office 365 E3" licenses already? 


I see Azure AD Premium P1 is part of the "enterprise mobility + security e3" licenses.


What does this mean for staff that do not have those licenses to them?


Appreciate any advice.


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Hi @Navishkar Sadheo,


The best practice is to assign both licenses per user to have full features about the license that you have available.


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Nuno Árias Silva